I like doing things – making, breaking, fixing, shooting and drinking things. Some of it’s hereditary and some of it’s perfected over decades of banged up hands and creative curse words. My grandpa was always “fixing” the car in the driveway … grandma always said there was nothing wrong with it, and my dad finished all the plumbing, electrical and trim on the house I grew up in. My son got me into shooting, and going to the range for a few hours is a ton of fun. I learned a lot from people in my life who took the time to teach me, and I’m grateful.

I was born in Canada and live in Michigan now. As a kid I made a go-kart from the lawnmower, built ramps for jumping the Honda 70 and took apart my first car engine at 15. I rode motorcycles from age 9 through age 29 – every spring, summer and fall. Shortly after moving to the US, I opened a small engineering company and ran it for 10 years. We did mostly automotive work with GM, Ford and about every auto supplier out there.

In 2004 I picked up on Internet Marketing and pushed software for a few years, learning a lot and building some foundation for website design and SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It’s a way of designing, creating and editing web pages that makes them work better in search results. The saying “if you ain’t first, you’re last” definitely works in the world of SEO.

These days I work for an aerospace company while putting together plans for my next business, which is finally starting to come together. I made a run at several types of businesses in the past 10 years but nothing really stuck; mostly because they weren’t interesting to me.

Thanks for taking time to check out more of this site. Get in touch with me if you have any questions, or just want to say Hi.