Check out some of the projects I work on for fun and as part of my new business.

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how i spend my time


cars and racing

I got my first motorcycle at the age of 9 and when I turned 14 , I bought the neighbors junk car and rebuilt the motor. Now I'build my own cars.

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liquor and cigars

I love whisky. But since it's illegal to make moonshine, let's stick with beer. What goes great with whisky, or beer? How about a nice, full cigar?

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websites and seo

In 2004 I started selling software on the web. In a few months I was the number 1 affiliate marketer of computer security products in North America.

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Recent Finds

The 2002 Audi A4

This project is entirely about re-engining a nice, comfortable car to make about 400 to 450 horsepower. For the most part it's been done before but I'm doing this project to build a baseline turbocharged car that I can test, race and improve.

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Forced Induction Racing

I plan on building and selling performance parts for forced induction cars.

Exhaust-driven turbochargers have always been the go-to for easy bolt-on performance upgrades but with improvements in electric motors and controllers, new options are being engineered for the latest performance cars. Check out this video on Audi's new electric turbo.

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